Digital Card – Covid 19 Outdoor Sign

The CIF Online C19 Induction programme is a short C19 information module, designed to be taken by all working in the Irish Construction Sector.  The CIF C-19 induction programme is designed to protect workers and the community whilst allowing people to work safely. Its purpose is to ensure that everyone working on a construction project understand how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.  When workers complete the induction, they will receive a digital card, on their phone, confirming they have successfully completed the programme. They will need this to access a site so have this ready.  These essential signs allow workers to scan the Q Code and ensure compliance.  


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Digital Card Outdoor Sign.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety signs including office safety solutions, pavement graphics, safety signs and protection screens all compliant with government regulations. Get back to business responsibly, comply with social distancing guidelines and protect the wellbeing of your staff, customers and community.

COVID Signage & Screens – Helping you prepare, take care, be aware and get back to business responsibly after Covid-19

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Setting up social distancing measures as we move out of the crisis on a phased basis is highly important. And meeting the new standards around Health and Safety is top priority as businesses begin to open again. Employers have a duty to protect staff and customers. And one of the key ways to do this is to provide Corona virus stay safe signs around their place of work.

We want to give something back to help those most at risk that have been affected by this crisis. We have partnered up with Barnardos and a portion of our earnings from Construction Signs will be donated to their incredible work with children across the country. Signs will carry their logo so your customers will see that you too are helping to make a difference. #InThisTogether

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